The Group

In the year 1991, a fashion couture brand was born in Belo Horizonte, which would become, over the years, a reference in fashion festivities throughout Brazil. Visionary, the founder of the brand, Mara Campos, gave the enterprise an appropriate name: Tutta. The word, of Italian origin, refers to the idea of "everything", "all", foreshadowing the maxim of the company to offer complete and irreproachable creations for major events.

Tutta quickly established itself in the market, being recognized by the exuberance of its pieces. In 1997, with the business drawing strengthened, Mara's daughters, the Shirlene Campos sisters - graduated in Economic Sciences and postgraduate in Fashion Design, who took on the position of Style director, and Shirley Andrade - formed in Business Administration, occupying the position of director of the Commercial area. The change brought freshness to the company and new directions: Tutta strengthened its specialization in party dresses aimed at the luxury segment, investing, more than ever, in noble materials and specialized team.

Yet we feel that we could go further and offer something more, in this way we have added a few chapters in our history.

Let's kick CHOCKER, a North American expression, a group of opinionated people express their meaning.
A modern, well feminine brand with new shapes.

We make a GROUP, each brand with its essence, BOTH meet a desire of horizontalización, offering products of high quality for different occasions, with vintage appeal and at the same time ludic.

A TUTTA, delicate and soft with doses of sophistication and A CHOCKER with retro and very feminine soul, oriented to the customer who has fashion information and seeks to dress in a contemporary and elegant way.

Currently, brands can be found throughout the national territory and some international points. We serve the needs and desires of strong, demanding women who do not give up unique and memorable pieces for special moments.

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