Summer 20

The autumn winter of TUTTA is fresh and super luxurious.

The references are multiple, as in the classic "The Swift Lagodos", in the art of feathering of Chris Maynard and in the years of the great Paul Poiret! Inspired by the romance and magic of "Swan Lake", we developed modeling, floral embroidery in pedrarias and 3D.

We add the modern and delicate art of Chris Maynard that creates unusual shapes. The variety of birds appears in the embroideries in stones, as much in the print and in the use of laser cut!

the 20s of PAUL POIRRET we have rescued the fluidity of modeling and fabrics, the whipped cream, the sweaters, the covers, the bare back and everything that brings us back to universnoartnoveau e decô. Our color chart is light and delicate!

We bet on Lilac Glass, combined with Mellow Rose and Nude. No Green Acqua and Lime Light. Red Valentino permeates the collection bringing the characteristic sensuality of the brand!

So, in this fall winter season, we invite you to fly with us in this amusing and inspiring universe.

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